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О сайте: Pressure Type Spray Dryer for Medicine
The spray dryer is designed in a fully sealed stainless steel with a three-stage purification unit. The cooling device in the wall is mounted on a typical cylinder. It keeps the wall temperature below 80 degrees Celsius. The dryer can greatly increase the proportion of the received powder.
Working Process
The atomization mechanism is that the liquid enters the rotating chamber at a high speed from the tangential passage of the atomizer under the pressure of the high pressure pump, so that the liquid generates a high-speed rotary motion in the rotating chamber. When the pressure at the center of the atomizer is equal to greater than atmospheric pressure, the ejected liquid forms a conical annular liquid film that rotates around the air core. As the liquid film prolongs, the air is severely disturbed, the liquid film splits into thin lines, and is affected by the relative velocity of the surrounding air, which eventually causes the liquid film to break into filaments. After the liquid filament breaks, it is affected by the surface tension, and finally a mist group composed of numerous mist droplets is formed, and the water evaporates to form a particulate product.
Our Advantage
Our factory has floor area 5000 square meter and totally 50 employees to promise the spray dryer best quality control;
According to the specification of machine and customization that you need, different equipment supplies would be choosed ;
Our motivation is --- customers鈥?satisfaction smile;
Our believing is --- pay attention to every detail;
Our wish is ----perfect co-operation.Pressure Type Spray Dryer

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